Light & Colour: Lab 4, Day 1: Introduction.

Light is Colour
In this collaborative project you will work in cross discipline teams
to create a
of screen print and paper sculptural objects that are animated through the
interaction of colour. You will be introduced to screenprinting as a vehicle for
colour interaction and how colour can generate spatial illusions, ambiguities and
optical movement.
Monday 11:00 am
Fine Art Studio B3.03 Central Crit
Intro to interactive colour:
David Fitzjohn / James Green
Division into groups
colour mixing
Monday 2:00 pm
Print Studio
Introduction to Screen Printing
Tom Martin
you have been inducted into the ritual you will explore the p
otential of
colour interaction through screen print.
Tuesday 10:00am
Print Studio
Introduction to constructed colour sculptures. David Fitzjohn, / James Green ,
Tom Marti
Tuesday 11:00
rint Studio
Tom Martin & David Fitzjohn
interactive colour print material for object construction.
Group project planning.
You will have the remainder of the week to work in your sel
directed time with
your group. T
here will be a continuation of
workshop access with drop in
on Friday with David Fitzjohn
if needed.
(The following)
Monday 10:00 am
All group object outcomes to
presented in the
Studio B3.03 Central Crit Space
a group review.
What do you need?
All the materials for the workshops and subsequent group projects will be
provided. You will be working with acrylic paint and water based screen
printing ink so overalls / apron / work clothes are essential. If you suffer from
skin allergies please notify staff, protective gloves etc. are available.
It is essential that you attend both days of the workshop. There is no
opportunity in the tight schedule for revision and repetition!
We had a morning introduction with Susan Addams in Fine Art, on the third floor. We learned about colour wheel, primary and complimentary  colours and had to mix a primary with its complimentary colour with acrylic paint, ready to screen print the next day.

I went with a blue-based green and so my complimentary colour was a very pale orange.


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Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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