Light & Colour: Lab 4, Day 3.

I enjoyed making this outcome for Field, as it was allowing me to go back to my roots as an artist – Illustration. I felt as I made it, it was very illustration based with how I made it. Although it was based primarily on paper, I loved being able to incorporate other materials into it – cardboard, paint, pens, foam board etc.

The inspiration for the mask came from the Mayans and their masks – I did a quick google search and found one I liked, so I sketched it out on cardboard. Once I had one, I used it to draw a template to cut out a second. When I had two, I cut up strips of foam board and glued them together so it became more 3D/relief like. I chose to create almost feathers for the helmet using my screen-prints and chose the combination colour of yellow into green as I felt this resembled more of a tribal colour combination. If I had longer, I would have brought real feathers to match the colour combination and stitched them into the paper, as I really wanted to work into it more.

I was also inspired by Aztec patterns and decided to stick to the colour combination for the helmet of the warrior mask, but spent an entire evening cutting up small triangles out of my screen prints. It took another hour or so to start glueing them into place. They all didn’t slot together, which is what I planned as I liked the idea of the surface appearing flat but wasn’t really flat – it was vastly layered and nearly every single triangle is overlapping another. I liked this effect because it tricked your eyes when you first look at it, and if you look at it for a continuous amount of time, it almost looks like the triangles are moving or coming towards you. I was originally going to draw into it more, adding back in the lines of the helmet but decided against it as I loved the effect from the colours and didn’t want to ruin it.

If this was a project in Subject, I would definitely take this into metal and on a much larger scale. If anything, this is like a prototype of an idea I had in my head and I’m proud of the outcome. This is the only field outcome so far that I have felt proud of and want to keep on my desk.

The only downside was I did all the work and just wish the collaborative side could be more professional.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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