Trick of the Light: Holographic Artwork.

Beijing-based artist Xia Xiaowan paints imagery onto panes of glass with special colored pencils, and then layers the glass to create a three-dimensional appearance. This sort of ‘painted hologram’ achieves the same effects as high-tech holographic art in an entirely manual, low-tech way. Each image is made up of 14 to 30 panes of glass, seeming to move and shift as you walk around it and view it from different perspectives.

I thought this was interesting as the paintings appeared to be three-dimensional or looked like people trapped within the glass. The idea of transparency and light that Xia Xiaowan uses in his work, is something that I am looking at applying in my own work for Field. With my prototype, I aim to cast in material that is transparent and will be applying the use of light into that cast.

Vivid blue holograms of blue trees appear in unlikely places, like the desert, in this high-tech installation by Kelly Richardson. The artist uses high definition video and three-channel projection to create the illusion. Says Richardson of the work, “Mining the aesthetics of cinema and science fiction, The Erudition presents a lunar-esque looking landscape with what appears to be an unlikely monument or proposal, consisting of holographic trees blowing in fictional wind. Is this slightly malfunctioning display a forgotten site for proposed colonization? Better yet, is this some kind of alien artwork?”

This holographic installation wasn’t as inspiring to that of Xia Xioawan’s work, but I found this simple and elegant, with the way the hologram is designed to pop up in places you least expect to see them.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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