PDP with Jon Pigott.

Subject – Hope

  • Hands!
  • Wire and bamboo – a cool concept, but didn’t have the effect I had in mind. Moved on from this idea.
  • Wire and tissue with PVA mix. Continuing progression with wire-framed sculptures to experiment to invoke a reaction.
  • Rubber gloves and plaster. Enjoying working in plaster, a vast experimental play as can manipulate plaster and rubber gloves to create new things.
  • Wire and plaster. Returning back to wire-framed sculptures, but incorporating plaster and acrylic paints. Liked how some showed a realness but lacking detail.
  • Alginate to cast both hands. Moving forwards with initial idea, aiming for a final outcome. Was very pleased with outcome, as I enjoyed the detail and human-likeness of the outcome.
  • Considered taking the plaster cast hands into further materials: wax, glass, concrete, bronze. Time schedule not long enough to take further into lengthy processes – also considered that if the processes of these materials failed, the plaster hands would be destroyed and would have to go back to re-cast in alginate, which is a lot of material.
  • Decided plaster reflected theme best – fragile, pristine, human.
  • Plaster blocks. Star of David, incorporating metal from metal skills into display. Re-considering display as still have time.

The feedback was all positive. Jon recommended developing the concept of the gloved hand casts further, using Lazertran and to speak to Martin Lane in the FabLab about that. Jon suggested I could consider surfacing, regarding my mounted hands as they were left white and unfinished. This was a positive suggestion, as I had thought of doing something further with them, other than them just being mounted and left. I will definitely consider talking to Martin Lane in the FabLab regarding Lazertran.
Field – Light

  • Designed CAD Model in Rhino – the initial idea.
  • 3D printed the CAD model. Starting point to begin my project in Light.
  • Took it into Silicon. Made a Silicon mould.
  • Aim to take it further, by casting it in Resin.
  • LEDs! Bought LEDs, took them apart for components.
  • Spoke to Martin Lane in the FabLab regarding lights and my prototype.

Jon seemed very interested in my prototype for Field and thought I was on the right track for this project brief. Jon recommended that I seek out the help of Aidan Taylor, the main technical demonstrator, to discuss Neopixels and Arduinos and hopefully move into potential workshops with Aidan Taylor to develop a new skillset in computer code, programming, soldering and technology. I communicated my worries of the time left to have this completed by and not having a finalised, working prototype of some sort, would I fail the module? Jon was very reassuring, as he was positive that I was going to have a visual train of experimentation in resin with lights and therefore, if it did not achieve a working light source by summative hand-in, it would not affect passing the module.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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