Advancing from my PDP with Jon Pigott yesterday, I took up his advice on contacting Aidan Taylor – the main electronic tech demonstrator – to arrange a meeting to discuss my project and my goals. I am due to have a chat with Aidan Taylor tomorrow morning.

Before my meeting with Aidan Taylor though, I wanted to read up on what Neopixels were and the information behind the technology, so I wouldn’t be going into this meeting blind.

Guide to Neopixels

Neopixel refers to a product by a well known company called Adafruit. You have probably heard of them. They started to promote their new product called Neopixel by selling addressable RGB LEDs in different shapes and quantities. These LEDs are produced by a company called Worldsemi Co. thet engineered these LEDs. But what Adafruit did was that they put them on different platforms and boards to be used in all different ways; LEDs on a strip is a very popular choice by many people. They also made the library Neopixel that makes using these LEDs easy for anyone with an Arduino compatible board.


neopixels 2

As you can see closely, there is a little IC inside of the chip. It’s called WS2811(the one on the left) by same company that put it in an LED and the ICs themselves can be bought as well which can be useful for making any LED “smart”. (Source: Neopixels: A Guide.)


Adafruit Uber Guide


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Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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