CSAD Reception Exhibition.

I always sit in reception of CSAD for a little while in the mornings, before attending to whatever work needs completing and today I was excited to see another exhibition in the exhibition space of reception. I also was excited because two of the exhibition pieces were war-related and I thought this beneficial contextualisation for my subject practice and my outcomes that are loosely inspired by the effects and aftermath of the Holocaust.
It’s also a coincidence that the exhibition was put up today, on the day Theresa May signs Article 50 which initiates brexit, considering the notion of so much strife and refugees from the effects of wars etc.

csad exhibition 2csad exhibition 3csad exhibition 6

This was an interesting read and I spent a good 10-15 minutes viewing the exhibition of work. I also couldn’t help but notice how Hitler had a massive head on a tiny body, almost like one of those bobble toys you would often get as a child.

csad exhibition 7

I couldn’t find any artist name or information for this exhibition piece, but I thought this was moving and powerful. It’s beautifully painted and the message is emotionally provocative. Soldiers hiding in a barn to save their lives, or soldiers awaiting enemies to ambush them. This piece’s perspective can be seen in many different lights. Survivors, waiting for rescue. Emergency hideout for medical reasons. I love this because this piece enables you to have your own opinion on what you think is actually happening at that moment inside the piece and that’s what I love about art.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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