Pre-Easter Round Up.

I am going to discuss a breakdown of my outcomes for Subject and Field. I will discuss briefly how I have got to the point where I am at with my projects, and outline what still needs to be completed before deadlines.

Untitled (TBC). 

A two-part series of plaster cast hands, mounted on wooden boards and thick metal rods. They were made by pouring plaster into marigold rubber gloves. Once set, I sanded them down to remove the imprint of gloves. Drilled individual holes into the bottom of each cast and attached them to metal rods. The wooden boards were drilled into and they were fitted.

The next and final phase for this two-part series is lazertran process. I will image transfer newspaper clippings of headlines from the war-torn 1940s.


Winds of Change. 

An abstract sculptural piece. The concept is sails in the wind. Casted entirely out of plaster, Winds of Change was made by pouring plaster into solid square slabs, where one slab was sawn into right angular triangles. They were drilled into and are fitted together with small metal connectors, however they can still be moved and dismantled. This piece is a finished outcome.


The Camps.

Developed by walking around Llandaff Cathedral, imprinting clay into walls and trees, The Camps was then casted in plaster. The terracotta clay seeped its colour into the plaster, which gave it its earthen texture. Connected by visible metal rods, This signifies the connection between each concentration camp.

I am going to be using the lazertran process to finalise this piece. The 3D reliefs will be dismounted from the board, in order for me to image transfer the map of Poland. The plaster reliefs will then be placed back on the board. Once this is complete, this outcome will be finished.

memorial hands

Untitled (TBC).

This sculptural piece is influenced by memorial sculpture. Casted entirely out of plaster, the plaster base was casted in the same manner as Winds of Change and connected in the same manner. Through alginate casting of two people’s hands, I was able to take the hand casts into plaster. The only differentiation from my other outcomes, is this one will incorporate light.

This piece is near finalisation; the only thing left to complete is fixing the lights to the metal connectors, so they are unable to be taken, removed or altered.

sensory 2

Untitled (TBC).

A work still in progress, this prototype is designed to fixed with light and an interactive touchpad. The arduino and battery will be hidden by a wooden hut that is still to be developed, and all the wiring will be hidden underneath the wooden board. The lights will be fixed underneath, with specific holes that will be drilled. There will be a slight dip in the top of the board, so my prototype can be placed into the dip to prevent it from being able to slip or slide around the board.

There is still some considerable work to be done on this. The only things left to do is build the hut for the arduino to live in, program my lights and fixture all the wirings. Once this is done, I can see this being a sleek way to display my prototype.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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