Finalising Outcomes.

Following on from the Easter break, I am now finalising my outcomes for both Field and Subject for my deadline, that is in 2 weeks time. (6th June).

With time still available to me, I decided to improve one of my outcomes in Subject – the mounted hands. I painted the boards white and still felt like they needed some extra pizzazz! I have done extensive research into the Poppy Appeal and the connection between Flanders and the war, so started wondering if I could make plaster of Paris poppies for the bases of my mounted hands.

(Boards after I painted them white.)

Finding a sculptural frame for the size of poppies in mind, I wanted to create was the next task. At first, I tried pouring plaster that was in a setting state directly onto wooden boards and slowly incorporating copper wire into some of the setting pieces.

sub 9

However, I found this wasn’t quite the effect I had wanted and they were not as 3D as I had hoped for. I have set these aside and kept them around, as I have no doubt I will find another use for them. Moving on from this, I then tried using cut and shaped card to pour plaster directly into; that way, the card would act as more of a support structure for the poppies.

sub 10

These instead, looked more like fried eggs, and I was back to square one. Despite them not working out, I too, have kept these around. I felt a little dejected by the lack of an outcome I had desired, and then decided to try use objects with small, curved lips to see if that would have any effect. I also tried pouring directly onto the board again to see if there was a technique to it.

sub 11

After sometime of trying to figure out how to sculpt plaster poppies that were more 3D, I started looking at chicken wire but I felt the gaps between each hole was too far apart that the plaster would seep through. I did find a small piece of chicken wire around the studio and then went to ask Martin if he had anything similar, but with smaller gaps. This is when Martin handed me two small sheets of aluminium wire, which was a lot more bendy and flexible – perfect for sculpting!


I cut up small amounts of the aluminium mesh and with masking tape, created small meshed circles. Once I had about 6 or so of them, I went down to the plaster room to further experiment with this idea, feeling a bit more hopeful than the dejection I felt from the other ways failing.

I was very content with the outcome of these and once I removed all the excess mesh and clay, I started to smooth them off, using the grater in the plaster room. Once this was done, I took them back upstairs to my studio space to air out and dry.

sub 5

Now I have let them dry all over the weekend, I will no doubt be creating a PVA solution for them and painting them red and black to represent poppies. I feel they give the mounted hands a bit extra added to them, rather than just hands on a metal rod, mounted on plain boards. They look more finalised and polished than before and I am quite pleased with this. I enjoy being able to stack them or arrange in a variety of ways, as there’s endless possibilities and different arrangements I could try. It also breaks the metal rod away from the base when you make direct eye contact with it.

For Field, my prototype is nearly complete. I have had another two sessions with Aidan and will be meeting with him again this week, with hopes that everything is nearly programmed and accomplished. I have loaned out an Arduino from the university for my exhibition and picked this up from Mal Bennett in N-block on Thursday morning.


Now with one of these in my possession, I was finally able to move on with the display board for my prototype. Having the physical arduino itself was important, because I needed an approximate size to chart out where everything was going to go.

field 3

I also started to sketch out the prototype itself, where it was going to go and what section needed holes drilled into. By mapping out where I desired things to go, made my life a lot easier when it came to actually physically drilling the holes in. I just had to line the drill up with my map and proceed.

The ‘x’s are where the drill was marked to go through and the right is all mental reminders for myself when it comes to installing the wires and arduino. I am hopeful that everything will be complete by this week, or the latest, start of next week, as that way, I have about a week to do ‘damage control’ and extra tweaking, as well as create my sketchbook racks.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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