BAMS: An Introduction.

Welcome to BAMS


British Art Medal Society

The British Art Medal Society has commissioned medals from many distinguished contemporary sculptors, including Lynn Chadwick, Nigel Hall, John Maine, Paul Neagu and Michael Sandle; gun and glass engravers such as Malcolm Appleby and Ronald Pennell; medallists and coin designers such as Ron Dutton, Robert Elderton and Michael Rizzello; jewellers such as Kevin Coates, Jacqueline Stieger and Fred Rich; the cartoonist Ronald Searle and the poet, gardener and moralist Ian Hamilton Finlay.

The medals are sold, to members only, at very little more than the cost of production and in this way the British Art Medal Society has made it possible to buy original sculpture by a wide range of contemporary artists extremely cheaply. The medals are also sold to non-members, at higher prices.

Each issue is limited to a maximum of 100, usually depending on the number sold, and is open for 18 months, after which the edition is declared. Past issues have varied from about 10 to 100.

The British Art Medal Society is non profit making, run by its members through an elected committee and linked to a charity, the British Art Medal Trust.

Besides commissioning contemporary medals it issues a journal The Medal, published twice yearly and containing illustrated articles on historical and contemporary medals, organises regular meetings and conferences, and gives advice to individuals or companies who wish to commission medals.

Giving and Receiving, the BAMS President’s Medal designed by Danuta Solowiej, has been awarded since 2009, and the Marsh Award for the Encouragement of Medallic Art since 2011. A list of recipients to date can be found here.


As a tradition for Artist, Designer; Maker students, I am being encouraged by my tutors to participate in BAMS next academic year and have been set summer coursework. I am very eager about BAMS as it is one of the elements I am most excited to dip my toes into next year in second year.

I am looking forward to the element of working in bronze, silver and pewter. I have worked in Pewter before and thoroughly enjoyed the process, but I am itching to cast in bronze and silver, which will be a new experience for me. I am excited about beginning my investigation into my concept for my piece and my personal goal over the summer is to begin sketching, designing and making.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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