Make Your Mark: Creating Acrylic Coin Stands.


Acrylic coin stands drying



Using the same method as I did for my coin stand for Art & The Conscious Mind, I decided to create smaller scaled stands out of panels of transparent, black and mirrored acrylic. Originally, I tried to drill holes using my dremmel into the panels to drop tacks in to secure the panels. However, this was messy in appearance, and the tacks were not a strong connector. I resorted back to the original method of clear, strong glue to attach each acrylic panel onto each other.

The difference with creating these panels was that I used the bandsaw to cut out a few of the panels and the machinary sander to take down the rough edges and buff them. The machinery is something I never use, so this was a positive for me to start becoming confident with machinary ready for third year.


BAMS Re-Visited: Casting in plaster.

As I await my moulds for MYM to set, I decided to head off down to the plaster room to have some material exploration and fun. I mixed up a small batch of plaster of paris and attempted to do a pour. This failed as I needed something stronger to hold the silicon mould together, however I tried separating the two-part moulds and pouring a small amount of plaster into the mould that contained the Latin quotation, before quickly pressing together the second half in attempts to get a full medal out.

Plaster medal

The results were not too bad on this side, however the side with the bear did not fully form so I am aiming to try again, also I want to try experimenting with etching into plaster as an experiment to learn its outcome for something I may attempt or plan to do in third year.

Make Your Mark: Silicon Mould Making.


On Friday, I started to get the mould making process in motion as I aim to pewter cast before my deadline (June 4th). As my blanks were struck and ready to go, I started to prepare the bases with plasticine, attempting to get them as rounded as possible.

1/2 of my moulds were mixed, then poured in pink silicon and are now ready to progress to the second layer of pink silicon. This will complete my two part moulds.

I cleaned off the plastic and rubber holders, and began to prep to do the second pour of my moulds. I used another 300g of silicon to successfully complete my moulds for Make Your Mark. I have booked the laser cutter out for Friday to strike my last blank for Charon, The Ferryman and I plan to have the mould for Charon done by Wednesday to cast in pewter by end of week. This will complete my mythological set for Make Your Mark.

Insole Court: Professional Context.

After successfully completing my medal for Insole Court’s Locale showcase, my work was installed in the Butler’s Pantry in the shelving areas of the room in Insole Court.

As I have had time to reflect on where I would position myself in the realms of art, I would say my professional context woud be memorabilia. There is a large niche for memorabilia of all sorts; ranging from film, to books and fictional characters, events such as NASA, world history and so forth. My memorabilia context would include history and knowledge.

My medal for Insole Court demonstrates this as it celebrates the livelihood of the Insole family during their era at Insole Court, and it aims to honour the heritage the Insole family brought to Cardiff. I hope the medal serves to remind people that it is important to preserve our heritage and history, as it is so vital to remember and I hope it tries to deter people from demolishing heritage sites like the Cardiff council once tried to do with Insole Court.

I have enjoyed my time with my medal making and I am considering developing my memorabilia coinage and medals further into third year but we will see. For now, I sit in the realms of memorabilia in professional contexts.

Make Your Mark: Photographing Outcomes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the development of my coin stand for my unconscious coin for field, I decided the coin stands were effective and have decided to create four more for Make Your Mark medals. I spent a morning in the lighting studio with the Sony A230 to develop better photographs of my outcomes in acrylic. The photos selected for the slideshow are also the chosen imagery for my brochure for presentation at the end of year exhibition.

Make Your Mark: Brochure Development.

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 18.03.07

As a preparatory stepping stone for third year, I decided to outsource my graphic designer for my information brochure. Although I am competent on computers, I am not a graphic designer and with my body of work increasing, I do not feel I have the time to put together the brochure.

I have already had a meeting with Emma-Jayne, to discuss my vision for what I wanted to accomplish with the brochure and what layouts I approved or disapproved; we also discussed paper samples and what sort of things would look best to print for what I was after.

At the moment, I am running on a deadline to have all imagery and text content complete and handed into Emma-Jayne for 10am on this upcoming Monday, as that allows her a week to put together the brochure, discuss any changes I want made and so forth. This will also allow a week for the PDF to be sent off to Minutemen printers and will allow for time to collect it before my deadline.

As I am now working around the clock, I have completed the text content for what I want the brochure to inform viewers during the exhibition. Because my text content is written and I am happy with the contents, I have now moved onto editing and cropping 120 photographs I took during the middle of the week in the lighting room with the Sony A220. Once I have edited them all, I will narrow down the numbers and select the best shots appropriate for my brochure. I plan to have this done by Sunday evening at the latest.